“There has been a killer loose in North America these past few weeks. Not major news to a small down like Lima. But now he’s here. And I’ve been asked to talk to you all because his main, uh, targets really only concern you guys”… “Well, in fact, it only really concerns about twenty per cent of you,” Will continued. “The killer is from Europe. Italy in fact.”

“The Vatican,” Santana offered. Everyone looked at her. “What? When you have frequent house guests, you gotta keep up with the news so you can entertain them. When that ad came out I was the story of the week, which was funny because I’m pretty sure one of the guests was a nun…” Will cut her off, “As Santana said, he’s a religious extremist. Targeting all…all…” “Gays,” Brittany supplied. She tied Santana’s hair back in its standard cheerios pony before sitting down next to her. Santana quickly intertwined their hands.(x)

A Vatican’s Son by lexiegrey
Pairing: Santana Lopez/Brittany S Pierce
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A serial killer stalks the streets of Lima, targeting all gay youth. The Glee Girls and Sam spend their weekend at Santana’s place, protecting themselves as well as each other.

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